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SUSPIRIA + Live Ballet Performance


„The acclaimed Brazilian ballerina, CRISTINA PERERA, has choreographed a dark and surreal piece inspired by Argento’s film SUSPIRIA, performed by dancers from the State Ballet School“

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Concept: Cristina Perera & Gregor Erler –

This is about a man in search of himself. 
He tries to run away from his thoughts but he encounters a doorway to his subconscious mind. 
In the tunnel of his imagination he needs to face his alter ego, shadow and light …


New Dehli India


Cristina Perera directed and choreographed a Dance Gala Performance for Appolo Tyres.


Program „Tabaluga & Lilli“ 

2013-12-21 PRESS RELEASE
Biography – Fire in the Blood

Fifteen, for example a solo. „Cristina Perera, a resident of New York, born in Brazil, is known as many international artists as a citizen of the world work choreographed by Sir Frederick Ashton under MARGOT FONTEYN at Rio de Janeiro’s Rio de Janeiro main festival, she was the youngest soloist to join a large number of Brazilian companies before attracting attention in the US, Canada and Europe, training herself to the limit under some of the world-leading teachers and choreographers in many different styles;
It is a testimony to the quality of her intuitive way of working in her career, despite the often greatest experimentation and often dangerous choreographies, she never hurt herself. 
Even among the best dancers is an exception. 
Cristina Perera’s work is the ultimate combination of intellect and emotion, with a great deal of creative intelligence. The last impression she makes with the audience is controlled passion, like a pent-up rage exploding on the dance floor, so that despite her small size, she dominates every stage she dances on.
She has in abundance this indefinable attribute, which we call charisma, through which she can communicate instantly, no matter what she is working with, regardless of whether it’s classical ballet, modern dance, opera or even movie and television. 
Not surprisingly, Cristina Perera is not only highly regarded as a dancer and choreographer, but as a lecturer worldwide. International companies have recognized their idiosyncratic and extraordinary talent as well as their potential in using special techniques, which must be on the next generation of dancers. Her  own withdrawal from the activity of dance is unthinkable.

The director ANDREAS FRICSAY selected them from a total of 58 applicants. „




Everyone’s Oedipus

Antigone in the beautiful form of Cristina Perera. „The birth of Antigone, who crawls forth between the spread legs of mother Jocasta played by Marcia Haydee. „

Ballet International 
Audition for Tabaluga (07/99)

„Cristina Perera, full of suspense, sits on the chair, beats on the table, burns to catch fire, and explodes when they are not in any of the contestants confront her with what she calls exposure, flexibility, dynamism.“ Cristina Perera, small, electrifying, the powerhouse of emotions that even a Tabaluga could dream of, Cristina Perera demands a „feeling“ that she hopes to develop further. „

Tabaluga & Lilli 
Preparations for a „Fantastic Musical“

„The sophisticated choreography of Oberhausen’s ‚Tabaluga‘ performance is directed by Brazilian artist Cristina Perera, a charismatic powerhouse blessed with an extraordinary powerful talent, the ultimate link between intellect and emotion, the lasting impression she makes with the audience is a controlled passion. „

Lansing State Journal 
Front row center: Ruhala Center features „Exiting“ dancers

„You’re going to see the child of movement and dancing that you do not see often,“ Ruhala said. „What Cristina does is very unique. She has a strong choreographic style.“

Ballet Builders (1999)

„Cristina Perera presents fine works that make the most of her small cast.“ The duo moved seamlessly, obviously well-rehearsed with dutifully serious intent. „

Dance Diary 
Building Ballet

Cristina Perera’s pas de deux „Undertime“, which she danced with Mark Ruhala, which both passionate about form, and passionate about movement. The team of Perera and Ruhala left incisive impressions. „

The New York Times 
From fearful to amorous

„Cristina Perera and Mark Ruhala were lovers in Ms. Perera’s ‚Undertime‘.“

The New York Times 
Mystic Aura in Jamison’s ‚Forgotten Time‘ (1990)

„In a duet, Cristina Perera and Antonio Carlos Scott make their bodies almost changing shapes in space.“

Dance News

The most impressive dancer at Judith Jamison’s Project performance is a compact woman from Brazil, Cristina Perera.




Cristina choreographed TARJA TURUNEN’s 
„Victims of Rituals“ video

Read more about the music video !




Sarajevo’s News 
Ballet Fest Sarajevo 2012

„Cristina Perera’s piece Inside Out was performed with power and magic.“

Maffay, Maker and Visions

„Cristina Perera from Rio de Janeiro drilled the ensemble, composed of 40 dancers.“ She was one of the youngest soloists in Brazil. Her moto, „everytime I extend the boundaries of  what is possiblepossible!“ 

New York Times 
Ballet Builders

New choreographers on point – New York’s 
Ruth M. Chester Executive Director . „Congratulations on BALLET BUILDERS

Among the 6 choreographers chosen by Ballet Builder, 
Ms. Perera’s choreography Under Time was well executed. The piece was about partners meeting and parting … „

The Performing Arts Center 
Purchase State University of New York

Ruth Kirschner Chairman “ PAWS XII“. What a great success due to your hard work, creative new ideas and enthusiasm.